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Railroad collection -Objects by railroad

Year/Date Railroad Object Type Description Accession Number Comment
8/3/2011 BN Lantern Lantern, modern, railroad worker, orange, battery operated with Burlington Northern name and logo. 2014.027.003  
8/3/2011 BN Painting A 3’x5′ painting of a west bound Burnlington Northern freight train crossing the bridge about one mile east of the town of Priest River. This painting by Al Urness was done in the Burlington Northern Depot in 1971 and displayed on the east wall of the passenger waiting room until the closure of the station August 15th, 1984. Al Urness was a passenger waiting for his train to Bonners Ferry to do some work there. While waiting he demonstrated his skill. I asked him to do a portrait of my deceased five year old daughter and portraits of my family. We talked about a painting for the east wall of the depot. Thus: a painting that was enjoyed by railroad passengers, customers, and railroad employees for years. Lowell Sletstoser 2014.027.001  
2/4/2014 BN Lantern, Railroad Lantern, railroad, modern, plastic, yellow, by Starlite, with Burlington Northern logo. 2014.028.001  
  BN Bell Railroad crossing warning bell. I received it from BNSF employe Bob Lyon 2003.005  
  BN Booklet Freight and Passenger Car Maintenance for Burlington Railroad 2000.041.8  
  BN Hat, Hard Burlington Northern Railroad hard hat. 2000.041.6  
  BN Memorabilia, Railroad Burlington Northern mounted Engine ) 2003.055.8  
  BN Memorabilia, Railroad Burlington Silver Done model car 2003.055.10  
2/4/2014 BNSF Lantern, Railroad Lantern, railroad, modern, plastic, yellow by Starlite with BNSF label 2014.028.004  
1937 CPR Time Table Canadian Pacific railroad timetable etc. 1937 2006.006.83  
  CPR Step stool Railroad Step for CPR 2003.055  
  GN Can Fuel can from Great Northern Railroad 2004.013.2  
  GN Lantern, Railroad Lantern, Railroad – Great Northern. 1985.040.6 Items from the family of Bessie and Orville Heath.
  IWN Booklet 1) I.W.N Railroad Pend Oreille River Route 2) Newsletter “Milwest Dispatch” w/article “The I & WN 7/1991 3) photo of Depot Newport, WN I& WN 1910 2005.014.21  
  IWN Certificate, Stock Idaho & Washinton Northern Railroad 2005.014.22  
  IWN Postcards 4 railroad postcards: 1) I & WN steam shovel on rail car; 2) I & WN rail yard at Spirit Lake; 3) I W & N depot at Spirit Lake,: 4) View of Steam train at Colburn publishedby Cresent Pharmacy of Sandpoint 2006.006.67  
  IWN Timetable Timetable No. 21, Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad, copy, 1914 2014.039.002  
  IWN Timetable Timetable No. 22, Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad, copy, 1914 2014.039.003  
  IWN Timetable Timetable No. 23, Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad, copy, 1914 2014.039.004  
  MILW Memorabilia, Railroad Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Engine (Metal) 2003.055.9  
1910-1911 NP Bowl Chinese celadon bowl with Chinese characters on bottom. Approx. 16 cm. in diameter 1986.038.4 Came from Fang Kee noddle restaurant at 214 Railroad Ave. 1910-1911.
1910-1911 NP Cup Chinese dishes: (1) Teacup; (2) Small square box with (2a) lid. 1986.038.1,2 Came from Fang Kee noddle restaurant at 214 Railroad Ave. 1910-1911.
1910-1911 NP Plate Two Chinese ceramic plates with four seasons floral pattern and Chinese characters on bottom. 1986.038.6,7 Came from Fang Kee noddle restaurant at 214 Railroad Ave. 1910-1911.
  NP Certificate, Stock Northern Pacific Railroad co. 186_ 2005.014.11  
  NP Coin A one Phan zinc Vietnam/Anam coin dated 1829-1841 (Minh Manh) that was found by Grove Schoolcraft at an old railroad construction camp near the intersection of Highway 95 and Dufort Road along the railroad tracks. Coin is broken in half. 2010.026.001  
  NP Documents Northern Pacific Railroad 1894 Trip Pass made out to C. G. Hubbard 2005.042.65  
  NP Documents N.P. Railroad documents: Guide to points of interest on the Scenic Route across America; New England Magazine October 1905; Washington Northern Idaho c1930’s 2006.006.12  
  NP Documents NP Idaho Division Big 5 Railroad Record 1953, 13 pages of photo copy records. 2006.006.15  
  NP Hat Coolie hat worn when the railroad was being built at Hope, ID along the lake. Victor Seward gave the hat to Nancy when she was about 8 yrs, old 1991.013.1  
  NP Key, Telegraph Key, telegraph, Northern Pacific Railroad, Serial #9629 mfg. Lionel Company 1942 base 4″x6″ 1990.098.2.  
  NP Music, Sheet Sheet music published by the Northern Pacific Railroad. Route of the Great Big Baked Potato!” Including a photocopy of same. 1988.010.1  
  NP Nail Three nails, handmade. Two approximately 5 inches, one approximately 6 inches. From old railroad bridge across lake at Fry Creek area. 1983.076.7  
  NP Picture N.P. Railroad at Clarks Fork Engine #2192 on Train #3 West bound 2006.004  
  NP Pipe Clay Chinese pipe found at old Fry Creek railroad bridge. 1983.076.10  
  NP Pipe Pieces of pipe found on Fry Creek where Chinese worked on railroad. Found by Elza Chronic. 2003.063.9  
  NP Postcards 1)Northern Pacific 19007 on a car (note on card says a reck in Granite, Ida. 2) 4by 6 color picture of Northern Pacific Railway 3) The North coast Limited message postmarked 1908 2005.042.58  
  NP Postcards 1) North Coast Limited Leaving Spokane for the Coast 1912 postmark 2)N.P.R.R. Bridge accross Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho 3) N. P. Bridge 5000 ft long across Pend O’Reille River at Sand Point, Ida. 1908 postmark 4) Color picture of Cabinet Gorge, Northern Idaho as seen from Northern Pacific trains 5) 2 color pictures Lake Pend Oreille near Sandpoint and fishing the Green River both along the Northern Pacific Railroad line. 2006.006.13  
  NP Postcards Sand Point, Idaho Public School Building writing on back dated 1908, post card of Bonners Ferry main street, post card of Sandpoint and railroad and third bridge. 2007.112.11  
  NP Print Railroad bridge at Sandpoint 2006.016.115  
  NP Roller Three hardwood rollers with hand-forged end rings. Found on Northern Pacific Railroad right-of-way at Cabinet Township near tunnel entrance, between road and railroad. 1987.040.1,2,3  
  NP Sign Railroad crossing sign. (Found at Hope, Idaho) 2000.041.001  
  NP Spike Miscellaneous railroad items found by Clark Fork, Idaho. 2000.041.5  
  NP Ticket 1) 7/14/1909 2) 6/26/1909 3) 7/4/1905 4) 8/18/1906 5) 1/24/1902 6) 6/9/1905 7 2/24/1908 8) NP pass Btw Sdpt toSpk 1928 for SI 9) Northern Pacific Railroad 1894 trip pass 2005.014.15  
  NP Ticket, date stamp Ticket stamper Northern Pacific Railroad 8″ black X 5″ 1990.098.1  
  NP wood Two pieces of planking from the old Northern Pacific Railroad water tower. One approximately 2 3/4″ x 7″ x 16″. One approximately 2 1/2″ x 7″ x 14 1/2″. 2000.004.1 Hole drilled in smaller piece of wood.
8/3/2011 POVA Cap Cap, white cordoroy with logo of Pend d’ Oreille Valley Authority railroad = POVA embrodried on front. 2014.027.002  
1920 SI Lantern, Railroad One Spokane International Railroad tall globe kerosene hand lantern, clear globe. 1985.094.1  
  SI Ashtray Ash Tray stand from the car of the President of the Spokane International Railroad Co. Rummel (President) 1992.017.1  
  SI Diorama A diorama created by Art Young in 2007/2008 of the Old U.S. Highway 95 and Spokane International Railroad crossing at Sandcreek, north of Sandpoint, Idaho. The diorama is based on a circa 1954 scene. It measures approx. 4.5 feet in length and is enclosed in a clear plastic dome. 2014.041.001  
  SI sign Spokane International Railroad Sign. 1984.005.1  
  SI Signal, Railroad SIRR/Union Pacific. Train order signal, 2 arms, lights, pinnacle post. Stood beside depot in Sandpoint, Idaho. 1985.074.1  
8/3/2011 SLSF Match Book Boxes, two, looks like a boxcar with Frisco railroad logo, 20 individual match books each. 2014.027.005  
2/4/2014 UP Lantern, Railroad Lantern, railroad, modern, plastic, yellow by Starlite with Union Pacific logo. 2014.028.002  
4/16/2014 UP Memorabilia Match folders, 6 in an intact packet, #238, “the Union Pacific railroad people”, UP logo. Back side says “We can handle it” 1998.038.07  
  UP Lamp, Railroad Railroad lamp, kerosene: stamped ‘UPRR” Good condition. 1985.089.1  
  UP Lock Four padlocks. Note 9/10/2013 by B.Lewis. Two locks are present. One is engraved “UNION PACIFIC CS-21 ROADWAY & BRIDGE DEPARTMENT.” One is engraved “ADLAKE.” Two locks are missing. 1986.070.7a,7b,7c,7d, Spokane International Railway Company Items.
  UP Spittoon One brass spittoon. Has hole in it. Has Union Pacific Railroad emblazened on side with outline of train engine. 1989.019.1  
1891   Jack Railroad Jack: “No. 2 Jenne Track Jack 1891” Rusty, but works. Also on it Pat. Aug. 8, 81, March 14, 82, Pettibone, Mulliken & Co. Chicago,Ill,USA 1986.026.1 Found in the barn of his father, August Fox.
8/3/2011   Punch, ticket Ticket punch, high quality, railroad conductor, round punch, mfg. is Stowe of Newark 2014.027.004  
2/4/2014   Lantern, Railroad Lantern, railroad, modern, metal, by Conger, with name Tout Tellotte scratched on side. 2014.028.005  
2/4/2014   Lantern, Railroad Lantern, railroad, modern, metal painted yellow by Adlake #31-D 2014.028.006  
2/4/2014   Lantern, Railroad Lantern, railroad, modern, metal, horizontal can, by Genesy Electrical 2014.028.007  
2/4/2014   Patch Patch, railfan and authentic, including many railroad police patches. 2014.028.012  
2/13/2014   Cart, baggage Railroad baggage cart, restored and modified. 2014.028.047  
02/04/204   Pin, Lapel Pins, railroad, for collecting, for hats etc. 127, some very old (NP and GN), framed. 2014.028.011  
    Booklet Eastern Washington Railroad Men’s Time and Seniority Book 1947 2005.014.4  
    Calender Railroad Calendars 2001.013A.4  
    Calender Three Railroad calendars from 1971 2004.020.1  
    Certificate, Stock $100 Not filled in with information. 2006.006.74  
    Documents Questions and Answrs” Employee exam of railroad transportation rules. By Theo. Mishefske, Milwaukee, Wisc. No date. 1985.062.2  
    Doll Doll with short red hair, leather body, in red dress made from a red flag on the railroad. 1989.030.2  
    Engine, Model Model railroad engine 2007.001.62  
    Hat, Hard 1 orange hard hat Railroad Relocation 7-18-95 2002.045  
    Iron, Switch Railroad car stop for putting in front or behind a wheel to keep from moving. 2004.013  
    Lamp, Railroad Light signal, RR switch 2007.004.5  
    Lantern, Railroad Railroad Lantern. 1972.005.6  
    Lock Railroad lock, engraved “RACO.: 1998.025.4  
    Lock Railroad lock and chain with key. “Sargent & Greenleaf” 1999.014.1 Brought in by Gutenberger,Stewart
    Lock Railroad lock Yale brand 2007.016.1  
    Magazine Railroad Magazine Feburary 1946 2006.006.55  
    Map Watson’s New County, Railroad and Sectional Map of Idaho dated 1875. There are four copies marked A, B, C, and D. 1998.038.04  
    Memorabilia Misc Railroad collectibles (see accession form for details) – (1) toy train and (1) box of railroad trading cards deaccessioned, 9/25/2013. BCHS Board Approved. No historical relation to Bonner County. 13 Fire Ext. Storage B 12 E 3 Flashlight (3) Storage B 14 E 1 Match books are in Archive/Box G102 1998.038.01  
    Nail 11 Railroad date nails for wooden ties 2004.028  
    padlock Railroad switch lock 1973.009.1  
    Plaque Railroad logos of BN, GN, NP, SP & S, Burlington Route, Frisco, Colorado & Southern 2002.033  
    Railroad Spike   2013.002.283  
    Signal, Railroad (1) Cross-buck signal, white with glass reflectors, spelling “Railroad Crossing” bad cond. 1986.023.1 Last two on S.I.R.R. from Bonners Ferry area.
    Signal, railroad (2) Cross-buck signal as above but missing two reflectors and two damaged. 1986.023.2  
    Spike Railroad spike. 1973.009.4  
    Spike Railroad tie spike plug. See photo. 2007.009.198  
    Switch, Rail Railroad switch. 1978.002.1  
    Tool Hand made railroad tools made by H. K. Abbitt, plus some factory made items. Items are all together in a box, not individually marked. Box is marked 99.28. .1 & .2 wrench; .3, .4, &.5 goggles, .6 & >7 stand; . 8 wrench; .9 Planer blade, .10 file, .11 bar 1999.028.1  
    Toy Model railroad car. See photo. 2007.009.201  
    Track Section Portec Poly Plate – tie plate (Railroad Tracks) 2002.020.3  
    Track Section Insulated rail spacer by Portec Inc. (Railroad tracks) 2002.020.4  
    Typewriter, Manual Special Telelegrapher typwriter, 5 Train Order Y’s along with string; RR Pole Phone, Misc. papers 1998.003.3 Telephone RR Pole Phone 1998.003.2 String for Railroad 1998.003.1-3