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Founded in 1972, the Bonner County History Museum has been collecting and preserving the Bonner County region’s significant stories for over 40 years.

The Museum is located in view of Lake Pend Oreille in beautiful Lakeview Park. The park has many amenities including picnic areas, a playground, tennis courts, and the Native Plant Society arboretum. Adjacent to Lakeview Park is Memorial Field which has a boat launch and is home to the Festival at Sandpoint every August.

The Bonner County History Museum is a private, non-profit educational organization (I.R.S. 501 (c) 3). The museum is a membership organization, open to all.  We operate thanks to community support, membership fees, gifts, retail sales and donations, and grants from private foundations. More About Us

History Imprint

Two new books are now on sale in our gift shop along with many other items that highlight Bonner County. driving.past.250w

Ask for A GLORIOUS FIELD FOR SAWMILLS and DRIVING PAST at the Bonner County Museum gift shop, Vanderford’s Books, Common Knowledge Bookstore, the Corner Bookstore, and other retailers in and around Bonner County, or call (208) 263-2344 to order a copy.

Current Exhibits

Our featured exhibit, Digging into the Past: Uncovering Sandpoint’s Hidden History, gives visitors an opportunity to “peek below ground” and learn about Sandpoint’s early years from artifacts found quite literally beneath our feet.  When archaeologists excavated the area east of Sand Creek prior to construction of the Highway 95 Bypass, they unearthed remnants of the original town site, including boarding houses, commercial stores, a Chinese enclave, and an “entertainment district.” Objects recovered during this process—from patent medicine and champagne bottles to animal bones, children’s toys, Chinese coins and pottery—provide us with fascinating clues about daily life in Sandpoint’s past.


The exhibit, sponsored by the Idaho Transportation Department, explores what these archaeological finds can tell us about unrecorded community history –and some of the puzzles that still remain.

Other exhibits tell the story of Bonner County – from the earliest residents of Bonner County, the Kalispell and Kootenai people to the settlers and how they interacted with the landscape to make livings at farming, logging, and mining.


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